454 Crate Engines For Sale

LSX 454 Crate Engines for Sale

LSX Crate Engines for Sale | 454 Crate EngineChevy owners have known of the full power and performance of the 454 engine since the debut of the LS5 Corvette. The huge 390 horsepower makes this engine a complete beast for any project car or classic car rebuild. What’s great about the 454 crate engine is that it will fit directly into a Chevelle, Corvette, El Camino, Caprice or Monte Carlo. Since these cars are still popular, many of our customers buy our LSX 454 crate engines for sale to drop in these vehicles. You don’t have to have a specific Chevy model though. If you are building your hot rod, it will be no problem to bolt down one of our crate motors.

There are few engines that have been produced in the last 50 years that have a legacy like the big-block. Many GM trucks have received an amped up version of the 454 known as the all new Vortec. The 2500 and 3500 trucks that were produced up into the mid 2000s secretly used the 454 as the base engine. With its decades of popularity, we are not surprised that we sell so many 454 crate engines around the world. We have customers buying our engines as near as Canada and as far away as Europe. A great price is a great price not matter where you live.

Custom Built GM Performance 454 Crate Engines

We love Chevy engines and are not afraid to say it publicly. This is why we deal exclusively with GM and not Ford. We truly believe that we have the best engine mechanics in the world building and maintaining our crate engines. Every engine that we sell has been built by a true professional. Nothing is out of place and there are no cheap parts used. We don’t sell used engines and our GM performance engines are not remanufactured. They are 100% custom GM 454 engines for sale. We know what other crate engine dealers are charging and we don’t do that to our customers.

With a 454, Mopar really does mean more power. Our prices are low, but we also give out warranties with every engine that is purchased. Accidents happen. We won’t try to deny it. Not every component will stand up to daily wear and tear that is put on a crate engine. Trying to deal with an online engine retailer when you need warranty service is pretty much insulting. We don’t push you away after you buy one of our engines and tell you to call a mechanic. Our expert staff of engine mechanics will treat your 454 just like it were out of their car. You get expert service when you have a warranty issue with one of our LSX 454 crate engines for sale.

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It costs you nothing to fill out our simple form and get our low price. Our price is very low; therefore, we are not allowed to publish it online. Your quote will be delivered to your email. It only takes a minute of your time for you to save a lot of money on a 454 crate engine.